School/Partial Hospital

“Our son was diagnosed as autistic last year. Needless to say, the impact of that diagnosis on our lives was and still is a daily reminder of how precious life is…thank you seems to be a phrase too often forgotten or merely overlooked these days. So we would like to convey a thank you that goes far beyond words for making our son’s first year of school a great one. And for allowing us to share the experience of seeing for ourselves that our son is capable of doing many wonderful things that will lead to open many new doors for him.”

The school/partial program is a blended service that provides a milieu based center that meets educational as well as behavioral health needs of children experiencing difficulties due to behavioral or developmental challenges. Children from early intervention to high school are in classrooms with teachers, therapists and instructional support staff. The program is licensed as both a Private academic special education school and a Partial Hospital program. Services include: speech and language therapy, occupational therapy consultation, IEP services and psychiatric services under the direction of a Board Certified Psychiatrist.

The overlying principle of both the education and behavioral health services is applied behavioral analysis. The program stresses the use of positive behavioral approaches in therapy and education and works under the concept that the children are treated in a holistic approach.

Included in the treatment is an emphasis on Wellness training both for the physical and emotional well being of the child.