“To say I’m thankful for PLEA’s PAL program is an understatement. It has been an answer to our son’s need to socialize. He has been a member of PAL for several years and has derived much pleasure and enjoyment…he greatly appreciates the staff and group and looks forward to the activities.”

The PAL program provides peer socialization for adults with autism. This group setting helps members feel comfortable participating in community activities with peers dealing with similar difficulties.

Enjoying meals together, going to the movies, bowling and museum trips are just a few examples of the activities PAL enjoys together as a group. PAL program staff selects activities that are both inclusive and appropriate for everyone included.

Adults with autism have a difficult time in social situations. The PAL program is an opportunity for group members to feel completely comfortable socializing with other adults with similar life experience.

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Remembering our dear friend,
a beloved member of our PAL Group,
who lost his life in the recent shooting
at the Tree of Life Synagogue.

Cecil will be missed more than words can say.
His loving personality filled us all with such joy when we were with him.
Until we meet again . . . Rest in Peace.

The ones we love never go away,
They walk beside us even on this day.
Unseen, unheard, yet always near,
Still loved, still
And very dear.

We are very grateful that many would like to donate to PLEA to honor Cecil Rosenthal’s memory and the program that supported him.
Our hearts feel that funds would be better served to support those directly impacted at the Tree of Life Synagogue.
Please hold all these families in your thoughts and in your hearts.