“When my relationship with my friend began, I was the giver and he was the receiver. What I quickly discovered was how much he was teaching me about life and about myself. I know that I have helped him and that makes me happy. But he has helped me too, and it is through each other that we have both become better people.”

Compeer is a friendship program for adults recovering from behavioral health difficulties. From one-to-one friendships, small groups and a recreation program, Compeer offers something for everyone.

Our program provides a wonderful opportunity to help change a lonely life. Compeer provides comfort and self-motivation needed to help people in mental health recovery lead happier, more productive lives.

Peer friendships match caring volunteers with someone recovering from a mental health difficulty. Volunteers provide encouragement, acceptance, support and an opportunity to socialize on a monthly basis.

Small groups encourage socialization when one on one may be too intimate and a larger recreation setting, too intimidating. Our small groups focus on communication while providing meaningful peer relationships among group members.

The Compeer Recreation Center provides frequent socialization in a group setting. The Compeer Recreation Center offers 3-5 days per week of social opportunities in a group setting where participants can make meaningful peer relationships, practice communication skills and learn new skills.

In Compeer, changing a life is a simple as being a friend.

If you are interested in making a referral to the Compeer Program, please download and complete the Compeer Consumer Referral Form. Completed forms can be mailed to 733 South Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15221 or faxed to (412) 243-5649.

Compeer Volunteers Needed

Compeer is looking for caring, community volunteers to spend a minimum of 4 hours a month for one year to a person in recovery from a mental health difficulty. Community volunteers are matched in one-to-one friendships with adults currently in mental health treatment. Matches spend quality time doing community-based activities to encourage positive recovery. Matches are professionally supported and monitored to promote skill and self-esteem growth. Adult mentor/client relationships help reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness, and increase awareness of people with mental health challenges. For further information, please contact Gretchen Kelly at 412-243-3464 or or you may download and complete the  Compeer Volunteer Application.  Completed applications can be mailed to 733 South Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15221 or faxed to (412) 243-5649.

Our PLEA Compeer Program is happy to support the Pgh VA Healthcare System in their efforts to find housing for homeless veterans.  The Compeer Program donated 6 welcome home baskets and a large volume of personal care items to help support veterans in need. Special recognition of the Kelly Family for collecting a huge amount of personal care items for this cause! Thank you all!
Pgh VA Director of Voluntary Services David Difuccia
PLEA Executive Director Gretchen Kelly