About Us

The mission of PLEA, a family and professional partnership, is to help individuals with behavioral or developmental difficulties to function to their fullest potential as effective members of their community through advocacy and family-focused support and educational services.

PLEA believes all individuals with behavioral or developmental problems have the right to access appropriate services and supports based on their own needs and desires.

It is with this belief that we provide specialized programs to meet these basic needs while also helping our clients move into a journey of growth and personal fulfillment. Through appropriate education, vocational training, recreational programs and community living options, we are proud to help individuals and their families lead dignified and productive lives while striving to reach their fullest potential.

Because no single type of program will meet the needs of everyone, selection of a program is based on a full assessment of each person’s abilities, needs and interests. Behavioral and developmental challenges affect entire families and PLEA therefore promotes the active and informed involvement of family members in all planning of individualized services and support.

Overall, PLEA’s services are designed to enhance and strengthen family and community support for individuals with behavioral or developmental problems, resulting in an improved quality of life. Please see our specific program pages for more information on the programs provided by PLEA.

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