“Little did I know when our son changed over to PLEA for services that his ‘ole mom’ would find such support among the caring folks you brought into our lives.”

The BHRS program provides intensive, individualized service to children with disabilities to support their participation in the home, school, and/or community.

Our program foundation subscribes to the principles of applied behavior analysis and offers a variety of treatment models including Generative Instruction, Discrete Trial, activity based schedules, TEACCH, and naturalistic teaching to improve the attention, imitation, language, tool skills, and social skills of children with autism and other disorders.

Our wraparound program provides:

  • Evaluators who work directly with the team, including the family
  • Staff training that exceeds requirements
  • 24 hour on call consultation
  • A strong focus on quality of intervention

Children with autism experience neurological symptoms that persist over time. Our service helps families learn how to provide appropriate interventions for their child, as well as teaches the child with autism learn how to learn and gain the skills needed for integration to the greatest extent possible.

Address emotional needs – Emotions underlie all learning – Skill building – Increasing flexibility – Pleasant approach to therapy – Comprehensive